Download SEVN (Spera et al. 2015; Spera et al. 2017; Spera et al. 2019; Mapelli et al. 2019) from this link

Note that this version of SEVN does not support binary star evolution.

If you intend to use SEVN for a research paper, please include at least the following citations:

– Mapelli Michela, Spera Mario, Montanari Enrico, Limongi Marco, Chieffi Alessandro, Giacobbo Nicola, Bressan Alessandro, Impact of progenitor’s rotation and compactness on the mass of black holes, ApJ, in press,

– Spera Mario, Mapelli Michela, Giacobbo Nicola, Trani Alessandro Alberto, Bressan Alessandro, Costa Guglielmo, Merging black hole binaries with the SEVN code,  2019, MNRAS, 485, 889,

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