Alessandro Ballone

I am a postdoc in the DEMOBLACK group since November 2019. For my Master’s thesis at University of Bologna (supervisor Fabrizio Brighenti), I studied the impact of jets from supermassive black holes (SMBHs) on the hot-gas of elliptical galaxies. For my PhD, I moved to Munich at MPE and USM. With my supervisors, Andreas Burkert and Marc Schartmann, I studied the little gas cloud G2 orbiting SgrA*, the SMBH in the center of our Galaxy. In November 2016, I joined a MERAC foundation project (led by Michela Mapelli), to investigate the dynamics of molecular clouds and intermediate-mass black holes in the vicinity of SgrA*. For the DEMOBLACK project, I work on hydrodynamical simulations of star cluster formation, to generate “realistic” initial conditions for direct N-body simulations of star clusters. My final goal is to understand the impact of realistic star cluster models on the dynamical evolution of stellar binary black holes. This task combines my expertise in hydrodynamics and my long-term interest in black holes.