Giuliano Iorio

  Before joining the DEMOBLACK team as a postdoctoral researcher, I was a Newton International Fellow at the Institute of Astronomy in Cambridge, UK (2018 – 2019). I got my PhD at the University of Bologna under the supervision of Prof. Carlo Nipoti and Prof. Filippo Fraternali.

My scientific interests are quite broad: during my PhD, I focused on the kinematics and dynamics of dwarf galaxies. During my fellowship in Cambridge, I exploited the first releases of the Gaia catalogue to study the stellar halo of our Galaxy. In particular,  I was involved in the discovery of the last major merger experienced by our Galaxy (

  I am a “data lover” and coding enthusiast. I love to stay updated on machine learning and coding developments trying to find a way to apply them to my astrophysical researches.  For the DEMOBLACK project, I will mainly focus on the development of the population-synthesis code SEVN and its integration in the AMUSE framework. Meanwhile, I will use the code to explore the physical processes driving the formation and evolution of black hole binaries.